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East Coast meets West for the May 2023 Collaboration between Teddy Fresh and Queens-based artist Maisie Broome aka Myfawnwy.

The collection showcases Myfawnwy’s trademark marbled artwork transformed into pieces ranging from festival ready overalls with psychedelic floral print to the fuzzy sweater with chenille bear motif - a nod to Teddy Fresh’s namesake logo motif. The collaboration saw Maisie post original artworks across the country to the Teddy Fresh studio where the pictures were scanned, collaged, and combined to create wearable art, fusing the worlds of streetwear and creativity.

An important aspect of the collection was reducing the environmental impact the clothing has, creating pieces that are not only long-lasting and designed to be worn for years to come, but made from recycled materials wherever possible. With pieces such as the Fuzzy Bear Sweater being made from 100% recycled yarn, the crewneck, sweatpants, and tees are all made using recycled content.

Q: Hi Maisie! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell us a bit about your artistic background and how you got to where you are today?: 

Hi Teddy Team! It’s lovely to talk with you! I’ve always been passionate about making art and looked up to both my grandmothers and my mom who were talented artists and seamstresses. I grew up in the woods of Maine and we didn’t have much, but I was raised with the mentality that you can make something beautiful from nothing. I’ve been building my small business from scratch over the years, and had the chance to move to NYC when I did an art residency here. I’ve been working out of my studio in Queens for about 6 years now.

Q: How did your career in art begin and what led you to starting your own business?: 

From an early age I have made art and things to sell, like greeting cards and stuffed animals as a kid, to hats and jewelry as a teenager. I knew I wanted my life to be centered around making art, and being able to support myself doing that would allow for me to really focus my time on all the ideas I have. My business naturally formed from experiments and projects I was doing over the years, and has been growing and solidifying from there.

Q: Who or what is “Myfawnwy”? What is it’s origin?: 

Myfawnwy is my middle name! It is welsh and translates to “my rare one’. It is pronounced Miff-On-We. I chose it as my business name for a variety of reasons, my great grand-parents are from Wales so it’s a link to my ancestry, and it is also a nod towards the one-of-a-kind nature of my work.

Q: Can you describe your creative process? From where do you draw inspiration?: 

Marbling is a technique where you float paint on a buoyant liquid, and then capture the paint on prepared fabric or paper. It is a messy, extremely fun and complicated process to work with. Oftentimes my art making is very intuitive and experimental. Other times it is more research based and I’ll design a whole collection around a certain concept. I draw inspiration from all sorts of places, the natural world, folk stories, ancient artifacts, emotions, humor, magic and the unknown, dreams and nightmares. I go camping alot and find that to be a very restorative and inspiring thing to do, get away from the city and just sleep under the stars and listen to the sounds of the forest.