Oliver Tree
Musician, artist and filmmaker Oliver Tree cuts a one-of-a-kind profile throughout his work. From his sonic vision drawing on everything from 90’s hip-hop, lo-fi surf and proto punk garage rock, to his absurdist, demented man-in-the-camera visuals, he creates a fully unique and nearly hallucinatory world that is at once brand new while responsive to pop culture and cliches.
His 2020 release Ugly is Beautiful captures the depth of his creativity and the breadth of his creative influence. While we wait for his next artistic outpouring, we’ve been given a gift close to our hearts - Oliver got all dressed up and put on an awe-inspiring, extravagant, and bold fashion shoot that makes us proud to be part of his wardrobe.Spotify Playlist
Starting off the collection we see the classic color block hoodie.
Here we see Oliver showcasing a hoodie utility.
On and off are not mutually exclusive, seen here as Oliver repurposes the hoodie as the perfect winter scarf.
Get a hold.
And pull it all together.
We appreciate ya.