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Our collaborations are special moments we use to beautifully collide the best of two worlds. Through thought-provoking design, we highlight our partners while complementing our own exuberant aesthetic. The energy behind every detail creates truly authentic collections.



Blo_oberry’s are our favourite fruit 🫐😋 Our new collaboration with artist Lamborghina Robinson aka Blo_oberry launches 5/24/24 with pieces featuring custom artwork and special one-of-one ceramic pieces hand made by Blo_oberry in Texas, USA 💕


This collection showcased
Myfawnwy’s trademark marbled artwork that was scanned, collaged, and combined to create wearable art, fusing the worlds of streetwear and creativity.

Brian Blomerth

Collaborating with Brian to bring his “critter maximalism” style to Teddy Fresh as wearable art felt like a no brainer. The collection was inspired by Jean Larcher’s “Fantastic Alphabets,” goldilocks, bears, and a vivid imagination.

Gentle Thrills

We partnered with Isa in 2022, using custom bear artworks and bold all over prints, as well as some limited edition one off pieces hand made by Isa in her studio.

Dr. Albert Frankenstein

Through the combi-nation of soft watercolors and clean graphics, we designed a funky outer space and fairy garden themed collection with magical elements.

Yurie Sekiya

Japanese artist Yurie Sekiya brings her own interpretation of ‘kawaii culture’, inspired by manga, cartoons, toys and her everyday experiences. In this collaboration, we worked closely with Yurie to translate her art onto clothing to create wearable kawaii art.

Dan Isaac Bortz

Highlighting Dan Bortz metaphorical and imaginative approach to art, this collection incoporates heavily detailed and colorful embroidery. The designs translated Bortz’ unique mindset and allowed customers to peak into his abstract and energetic mind.



Alice combines music and performance art, juxtaposing the harp with hyperpop & punk. We were tasked with creating a custom piece for her SXSW show using a custom print with Teddy art from our archive, and referencing vintage corsetry and 90s editorials for the design.

Trixie Mattel

Celebrated for her musical talents and drag artistry, Trixie Mattel joined forces with us, to create an explosion of Barbie-Core brilliance. The collection offers fans a range of clothing and accessories insprired by some of Trixie’s iconic looks that celebrate individuality and embrace a whimsical sense of style.

Elton John

Inspired by Elton’s revolutionary contribution to music, we sought to put our own twist on his glam-rock style. From sequins to intricate patchwork and vibrant fabrics, this collection conveys Elton’s luxurious and regal taste for fashion and life

Jerry Garcia

Through psychedelic imagery and bright tie dyes, we paid tribute to the legendary late singer and guitarist, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. We came together to produce a collaboration that evoked Garcia’s ingenious spirit and dedication to his craft.



We worked with Individualist to create the our First Ever D.I.Y Screen Print Kit with a selection of our favorite graphics to allow anyone to create their own custom Teddy Fresh wardrobe.

Left Hand

For this super limited edition collection, Lefthand created one-off pieces using a curated selection of Teddy Fresh samples & deadstock. With their signature reworking, every piece had unique with distressing, 3D elements and even patches featuring Hila’s baby pics.


Chia Pet

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Our Teddy Fresh bear was given a Chia Pet makeover for this super nostalgic project.

TV, Film, and Gaming

Magic: The Gathering

This collaboration is a testament to the growing influence of gaming in the fashion realm, appealing to both Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals seeking a bold and expressive wardrobe.


Combining our iconic style with the beloved characters and imagery from the Marvel Universe, resulted in a range of apparel that allows fans to showcase their love for both brands in a stylish and innovative way.


A tribute to the iconic film franchise but also a celebration of individuality, self-expression, and creativity. The collection combined our bold aesthetic with the legendary character's fierce energy and unmistakable style.


With full garment prints, embroideries and intarsia sweaters we created something for everybody, no matter which member of the gang is your favourite.

Mortal Kombat

We paid homage to the classic 90s video game, partnering the trademark characters with our beloved signature tie dye fabrication.

Rick And Morty

With a campaign shot in Tokyo, and other-wordly graphics the capsule paid homage to the intergalactic grandpa, grandson duo, creating pieces any Rick & Morty fan couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

Looney Tunes

We researched archival Looney Tunes apparel and explored unique production techniques to create meticulously detailed pieces. With a focus on vintage motifs, playful colors and patterns of the 90s, this nostalgic collection resonated with people of all ages.

Care Bears

Residing in Care-a-lot, a cuddly-soft cloudspace playland, the Care Bears teach the importance of caring for others and sharing special feelings. In this collaboration, TF x Care Bears worlds collided in a shower of pastels and positivity, teaming up against the evil spirits of our world.

Spongebob Squarepants

Cheerful and carefree, like our fun attitude towards fashion, Spongebob was the perfect mascot to pair with our Teddy Fresh bear. In this collection, we playfully combined Spongebob with various bear references.

Good Causes

Smokey The Bear

By bridging philanthropy and fashion, we were able to raise over $60,000 for USFS Smokey Bear Campaign and Educational Efforts, helping continue the education of Americans about the role they play in wildfire prevention.


Earth Day

Over the last few years for Earth Day we have created tees and campaigns to raise money for environmental causes including Rainforest Alliance, and Polar Bears International.


Mental Health America

In 2020, we donated all $44,372 of the profits from the sale of our "Crippling Anxiety Tee" to Mental Health America


Your Vote Matters

Prior to the 2020 US election we created the "Your Vote Matters Tee" and donated all the profits to Fair Vote, a nonpartisan champion of electoral reforms that give voters greater choice, and a stronger voice.

Gun Reform

In the wake of the Unvalde, TX Shooting in 2022, we created the "Gun Reform Now Tee" and raised $50,000 for the Texas Elementary School Victims Fund

Burnt Orange

Austrailian Wildfire

When Austrailia was on fire in 2020, Hila Klein created our limited edition "Orange Sky Tee" where all $50,721 of profits were donated to The Koala Hospital and the NSW Rural Fire Service

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